Dear Dr. Stenger:

I am an amateur science blogger, currently engaged on chemical patent

work at a Japanese law firm. I have a daughter of three years old.

I have read your excellent article on homeopathy and science, provided

in your website


In Japan too, homeopathy is becoming widespread, especially in mothers

having little childs.

Japanese homeopathy communities are now bruiting about effectiveness

of homeopathic remedies on swine flu.

I am quite concerning about this situation.

Thus, I would very appreciate it if you could allow me to translate

your article on homeopathy and introduce it in my website, in order to

provide my Japanese readers with proper information.

If you have any wish on this matter, please instruct me.

Yours very truly,

Yukiko FUJII, Ph. D.

pollyannapollyanna2009/06/11 20:17ご自由にどうぞ、という許可をさっそくいただいたので、近々載せますよー。

pollyannapollyanna2009/06/11 21:51childsってなんだ。childrenだ。はずかしー。